Medical Writing

Medical writing involves the documentation process, particularly in the field of scientific, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industry. The process includes that of regulatory and research-related documents, protocols, journal manuscripts, and abstracts. It can be disease or drug-related educational and promotional literature for the pharmaceutical companies. We specialize in interpreting precise therapeutic data & information by complying with regulatory & journal guidelines and presenting the data as well-written documents.

Our experience in medical writing makes sure that the documentation is optimized for the target audience like patients or general public, physicians or the regulators. Our Subject Matter Experts have a better understanding of the medical literature and research data. We follow strict procedure in the document review process, editing and satiate the publishing requirements of the Clients.

With the excellent communication skills acquired through training and experience, we deliver high quality documents by coordinating and collaborating with the clinical research experts. We ensure accuracy by strictly pursuing our standard operating procedures and scrutinizing the documentation through rigorous quality control methodology.

Spanning across all domains of healthcare content writing, we also provide writing services and prepare conference materials such as abstracts, manuscripts, presentations, and slides. In fact, our editorial support in medical writing enables clients to realize their goal and save more time for their research.

Medical Writing process implicates

  • Communicating the scientific information to the target audience in a grammatically correct language
  • Utilizing simple and short sentences in active voice, and present with a logical flow of ideas.
  • Sourcing information from books, medical journals, databases like Medline, PubMed, EMBASE, Micromedex
  • Interpreting the raw research data and present the data in text, tables, and graphs.