About BrainWave

BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited started in 2002 is a Life science informatics company providing strategic knowledge services including KPO, BPO, Medical Writing, Scientific Publishing, and Content Related Services. We provide strategic solutions for Pharma / Biotech / Healthcare industries through our customized service.

BrainWave leverages an optimal resource of Physicians, Medical writers, Scientists, Biotechnologists, Technical Experts, Team Leaders, and Project Managers to provide strategic knowledge solutions to Clients. Our expertise complements the Client and our technologies can be accessed through collaboration. Our services can be utilized to handle multitude of complex computational challenges faced by Pharmaceutical companies and Research Institutions.

Our core competencies include:

  • As a Life science company we provide strategic KOL management and data mining services that supports the branding and marketing effort of pharmaceutical companies.
  • Medical writing process involves preparation of promotional marketing materials for the pharmaceutical companies, which help in forging their sales pitch.
  • Our core competency in documentation process includes content writing, technical writing, scientific writing, protocol or thesis writing, and writing of journal, articles, brochures, website, blogs, etc.
  • With our extensive knowledge in healthcare industry, we also focus on the business verticals of KPO and BPO process involving medical transcription, medical billing, and other IT-enabled services in healthcare industry.
  • BrainWave believes in improving people’s life and environment. We cater to the healthcare needs of patients in their daily life by providing range of high quality Healthcare products, Wellness products, Diagnostic solutions, and Medical devices.

BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited plays the vital role by providing strategic solutions to various healthcare industries. BrainWave provides high quality and timely services to the healthcare customers worldwide to meet their strategic and operational business needs.