Business Units

BrainWave's Healthcare services

Delivering excellent quality - a characteristic that has become our essential nature

  • Providing knowledge solutions and high quality services to the Global Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotech companies
  • Drive to make healthcare better through strategic partnership with world's leading Medical technology companies and help improve patient and hospital outcomes

BrainWave's Medical Writing services

Quality Deliverables with faster Turn-Around-Time

  • Regulatory and research-related documentation that includes Clinical study reports, Investigator’s brochure, Journal articles, Manuscripts, and Abstracts
  • Disease or drug-related educational and promotional literature for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare communication market

BrainWave's KPO/BPO services

Service optimized to meet Client specifications

  • Business Research and Analytics, Market Research, Publishing and Data Processing and Management Services
  • BrainWave's main focus is to help the research and marketing activities of the companies by reducing the time taken for research and speeding up the decision making processes.

BrainWave's Scientific Publishing and Content Writing Services

Truly Customized Approach –Our Core Competency

  • Publication of Medical information in Healthcare websites, Health-related magazines, and News articles
  • Documentation of Scientific Information intended for the target audience like patients, general public, physicians and the regulators